Originally an Arabic construction, this hacienda is one of the best preserved estates in the Seville area. Many gardens surround the main building, which features an impeccably preserved colonnaded courtyard. We can take advantage of the sprawling labyrinthine layout of this estate when hosting events here: guests can explore and discover for themselves. A combination of Andalusian, and Arabic features – and a beautiful lounge area – make this one of the most interesting locations in CenArte’s roster.

Originally this hacienda was designed as a farmstead. After the Reconquista it passed through the hands of various Castilian nobles, as a small settlement sprung up nearby around the newly constructed church.

Like the Hacienda los Angeles this venue lends itself well to a dynamic event in which guests are introduced to the property and then allowed to find their own way around, discovering a variety of entertainment along the way: musical corners, snack bars, wine tasting and so on. Once they’ve had a good look around they could move on to the lounge area for dinner, and finally through to an open bar.

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