Wherever, whenever, we have the wine for you. In Spain we are lovers of many wines: Red, White, or Rosé; Palo Cortado, Oloroso, Amontillado, Manzanilla, Grenache, Malmsey, Colombard; old or young, all are great Spanish wines. You simply cannot come to Spain without sampling a good wine. Even Don Quixote himself included some in his miraculous potion, next to oil, salt and Rosemary.

A good wine can accompany many a service at CenArte, whether during an appetiser, a gala dinner, or as an activity in and of itself for groups of all sizes. Is there any more pleasant way to enjoy the fruits of our land?

Three activities are suggested in this line of services (and as always, they are merely suggestions!):

Sorry, Sommelier: An ideal introduction to Spanish wines, in which a sommelier will discuss with the audience the “theory” behind the wine that they’re drinking. This could occur during an appetiser, or a dinner, running parallel to one of our catering services. The sommelier doesn’t demand the attention of the audience – he’ll simply speak to those who are interested.

The Pleasure of Tasting: This is a service which would combine well with an event’s “welcome drinks”, or go well after a meal. We’d likely set up a corner with wine barrels, mats, wooden tables and chairs, so that guests may – with the help of a sommelier – understand and discuss the intricacies of the three wines on offer. There´s no hurry; guests can take as long as they like to savour this experience.

The Gourmet Corner: This service is designed for the most demanding customers. The Gourmet Corner is about creating a space where guests can sit back and savour spectacular wines in combination with high-end Spanish produce: pates, cheeses, hams, jams and preserves, and more, all sourced locally in and around the Macarena neighbourhood – widely regarded as one of Seville´s foremost culinary hotspots.