This palace is truly a jewel in CenArte’s portfolio of venues. Customers who visit this space come away awed, either by its beautiful setting in the city´s historic Jewish Quarter, by the careful restoration work that the house has undergone, or by the feeling of having discovered one of Seville´s most charming hidden gems. This space is reserved for special events and is best used to immerse clients in experiences unachievable amidst the hustle and bustle of more public spaces.

This mansion is ideal for hosting musical events with a variety of different styles dotted around the different corners of the house. Guests could be treated to a mini operatic performance in the mezzanine area as they enter, or see neo-classical dance, cello, or Spanish guitar in the rooms adjacent the courtyard, which could itself host a buffet area with Spanish wines, cheeses and breads… Any event in this venue would benefit from the heterogeneity of the buildings walls, windows and other physical features, which serve to lend character to proceedings. Of course we’d also accentuate these details with an appropriate decor: masks, fans, incense and so on would all sit well here.

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