Located in the historic centre of the city, this charming palace features a surprising amount of space for the city centre. The palace features: a covered patio, a loggia, and also a small external building, plus small rooms around the courtyard. The number of rooms accessible in the palace is determined by the number of guests attending. This little palace is one of the most beautiful of the Andalusian capital, and retains its original Renaissance style features and details.

This location in the centre of Seville is ideal for entertaining guests with gala dinners or cocktails, as well as being ideal for product presentations and themed parties. Easily accessible from the downtown hotels, we also typically use this space as a meeting place for groups before beginning an incentive activity, or as a space in which to organise a welcome cocktail for visitors arriving in the city.

Guests could be surprised by a musical event on this palace’s upper-floor balconies; or they might simply sit, chat, drink a glass of wine and enjoy a summer night in Seville in an especially furnished outdoor area.

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Cena de Gala

Montaje Lounge