This house consists of a total of 9 rooms including living and dining areas. The outdoor areas, patios and terraces, also allow for a range of activities, from 50 person cocktail parties to small dinners of 10-16 people. Regardless of the size of your event, this house provides a beautiful setting in the heart of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood of Seville, with great views of the Real Alcazar gardens. At CenArte we know that privacy is a massive asset to you and your guests. This space is a clear example of that commitment to your privacy. From the first floor to the last guests will notice that this space is usually inhabited by an important Sevillian family, and yet attendees shall feel right at home. The house is beautifully decorated in a style reminiscent of Seville’s rich history, which together with the staff of waiters shall imbue any event held in this location with an uniquely Sevillian atmosphere.a.

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