This castle is the perfect venue to host some of the most innovative and exclusive events in Cadiz. The castle features two main interior spaces and a 1000 square metre central courtyard area. It is located on a hilltop, and its towers boast breathtaking views across the sea, and of the old village nearby. The presence of the village also means that local amenities are always close to hand. This venue therefore offers not only stunning beauty, but comfort as well.

The Cadizian Castle can be leveraged to suit both traditional and more contemporary event themes. This venue would lend itself well to an elegant gala dinner event with flamenco music and dancing, or, to a more ‘cutting edge’ event, where audio-visual projections cover the walls and the side rooms are occupied by buffets serving the organic produce of the local area. Whether you’ve a particularly open-minded group seeking out a fresh and innovative Andalusian experience, or whether you’d rather come face to face with rural Andalusia’s historical roots, this venue fits the bill perfectly. Perhaps you’ve a different customer profile altogether? Tell us about it – we can adapt each event to suit you!

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