With 5 gardens and patios featuring a stunning fusion of Andalusian and Moroccan design, and the constant sound of flowing water – all connected by a labyrinthine system of corridors, windows and doors, and a total capacity of 800, this space is perfect for an exclusive Sevillian event.

This Hacienda was a centre of olive oil production destined for Spain´s colonies in the New World, and among its various owners from the 16th to the 19th Century were the Jesuit College of San Hermenegildo, Doña Inés de Avila, and the 12th Duke of Alba Don Fernando de Silva.

The dimensions of the property allow for a change of scenery at every stage of the event, with a different garden for your appetisers, dinner, or perhaps a musical performance. This Hacienda is best for events where customers have the freedom to move around the grounds, buildings and interior courtyards, entertained by musical performances, wine tasting, buffets of local produce, and so on… As well, it can be fully decked out in lounge furniture, hammocks, puffs, candles and incense.

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