This hacienda is one of the most useful locations in Seville for large events, combining vast open spaces with a traditional Sevillian decor. The interior space is composed of two large rooms: an old mill, and a former waterwheel station. Both indoor units are interconnected by numerous gardens, with plants, fountains and pottery typical of the region.

This hacienda historically belonged to the order of Jesuits who would live here for periods of rest and religious healing after returning from the Spanish colonies of the New World.

Light years away from a sterile hotel suite, a day at the hacienda is positively dripping with Andalusian atmosphere – this venue is ideal for the organisation of an ‘April Fare’ themed event, an equestrian display or flamenco show. With its combination of large indoor and outdoor spaces, this location also offers a great deal of versatility when planning different activities at the same even

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