The aim of this idea is to get participants actively interacting with Seville and its people (and perhaps learning a little Spanish on the way).

The team building exercise consists of a race in horse-drawn carriages through the city between various cool places in Seville – in order to find the next location the participants will have to follow the clues left to them by CenArte – but no internet access is allowed! Participants will have to rely on the help of the Sevillian citizens themselves (they’re a friendly bunch!).

After 7 tests participants will find out for themselves… that there is a convent in Seville dedicated to a woman – Doña María Coronel – who doused her face in boiling oil to deter the advances of King Pedro I, or that Cervantes began writing Don Quixote while imprisoned in the centre of the city of Seville …

After the discovery of America, Seville became the capital of the Spanish Empire, and as a result the star of a thousand legendary tales that participants will scarcely believe!