This Team Building was designed to discover, taste and understand the gastronomic habits of the South of Spain, Andalusia.

It tries to give an approach to the Andalusian gastronomic culture through games, clues, smells and flavours. Our guests will pass by the most authentic bodegas, “tascas” (small pubs) and bars in the city and in each of them, they’ll meet an expert in gastronomy, ingredients and a challenge to complete.

Do you know the best parts of a tuna fish?

Could you notice the differences between several kinds of olive oil?

Would you dare to cook a “salmorejo”?

In Andalusia, we have worldwide famous products with designation of origin: the olive oil, the wine, the ham, etc., each of them being connected to a province, a process of elaboration and social habits which are deeply rooted in our culture. For all these reasons we thought it was really interesting for the good food lovers to have an activity which would allow them to discover all our gastronomic culture and meet the people who make it happen: experts in cutting ham, experts in Andalusian “gourmet” products, experts in cutting Almadraba tuna fish,… These are some of the persons we’ll meet on our way through the most authentic “tascas” in the city.