Tapas are a mainstay of Spanish cuisine, and a cultural icon of Spain itself. Even the highest foreign dignitaries are offered tapas upon their arrival in Spain, to welcome them to the country. Over their long history, tapas have evolved from a novel mode of snacking into an entire perspective on the culinary arts.

With tapas, the food itself is inseparable from the social context in which it is served. This is why we see tapas ‘bars’, and why the dishes are served in frequent, small quantities: so that diners can share, chat, and move around. At CenArte, it is this unique blend of the culinary and the social that we wish to bring clients who choose this service. This is also why we propose that attendees will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with native Sevillian diners – or better yet – Sevillian musicians!

This tapas route would include the most authentic bars in Seville, each one specializing in its own particular style. Guests would be accompanied by a guide who specializes in Sevillian gastronomy. On the Advanced route, attendees could encounter a flamenco band performing in one of the bars. To the guests’ surprise, these performers would accompany them along the rest of the route, sharing with them the secrets of their music and danc