This hacienda, unlike others that appear on our website, is a modern building from this century, and therefore doesn’t include the peasant works. However, it maintains a rural aspect, conveniently mixed with the Arabic decor, such as lamps, colours, looms, etc, that give the interior an exotic look, different from other estates.

We suggest to hold in this hacienda a gala dinner in a Marrakech style, with taffeta tablecloths, candleholders, incense, candles, puffs, water pipes, weaving, carpets,… musicians playing Andalucian Sufi melodies, and of course, a menu based on Moorish delights: couscous, lamb skewers, hem, dressings … a mixture of Lebanese, and exogenous factors such as spices from India and Iran, which have transcended the bottom directly over the kitchen of Andalucia.

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