This hacienda is located in the olive oil-producing triangle of Seville; in the district of Los Alcores. Hacienda XI sports a rather atypical internal layout: the traditional central courtyard is replaced by a small entrance patio, which leads up to the old olive oil factory itself. The former factory-space is comprised of a number of small but particularly beautiful rooms. Also accessible from the entrance patio are the site’s picturesque gardens, which in turn lead to a recently renovated lounge area.

This venue dates back to the 17th Century, but underwent a major redesign in the first half of the 19th Century whereupon it took up more or less its current form.

For this venue CenArte suggests an event divided in to two halves. The first phase could transport guests back to the 17th Century, in keeping with this hacienda’s historic roots. This phase could include tastings of traditional Andalusian produce – cold meats, hams, cheeses and wines in jugs. The space could be illuminated by candlelight and torches. The second phase could take on a more contemporary Andalusian theme in the newly renovated lounge area: sharply dressed waiters serving drinks, before guests move on the salon for an elegant dinner. Attendees would experience a journey through history in a truly historic location.

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