This Hacienda is the best preserved example of unmodified Sevillian rural architecture in the Andalusian events industry. This property still retains some of its agricultural function, making it a thoroughly authentic space where guests can enjoy a totally unique experience. The areas available for events at this venue consist of a courtyard, a former winery, and a garden. 

This venue has a long history; originally the site of an Arab farmhouse, after the Reconquista it took up its current name and within a few decades became the centre of a small community of nearly one hundred people.

This hacienda is ideal for events where the customer is looking for a truly authentic Andalusian experience, and suits decoration in a typical Andalusian style: perhaps recreating a spring festival inside with a wine tasting in the gardens. This is a very versatile space, owing to its architectural simplicity, and with its bold white colour scheme it is certainly liable to make an impression on guests. As an added bonus, this location is well outside the typical circuit of events venues in Seville, meaning attendees are getting something very different.

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