Situated directly opposite the Cathedral, on the Avenida de la Constitución, Terrace VI offers an unbeatable location with an amazing view of the city. This terrace features both indoor and outdoor space, as guests may also utilise the indoor area of an adjacent apartment.

Catering arrangements can be organised to take advantage of both of these spaces. We could for example set up a Caribbean cocktail bar on the terrace itself, with a finger buffet inside. As for entertainment, we especially like the idea of a Bossa Nova band. Guests could also watch as hand-made fans, and bouquets of jasmine are constructed – souvenirs for the attendees to remember the night by.

This terrace could be highly recommended solely on the basis of its location, and its stunning view of the Cathedral. When combined with some of our Complementary Services, however, Terrace VI is sure to leave guests with an utterly unforgettable experience.

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