The great attraction of this 1920´s palatial home – aside from its architectural charm – is its capacity: a 360 person banquet can be arranged in this home´s massive glass dining space. The house also features 5000 square metres of gardens (with orange, lemon, and over 75 palm trees), and small meeting rooms with a capacity of around 20 persons each. And all of this near the centre of Seville.

As has been mentioned, this venue is also versatile, groups of anywhere between 20 and 360 can be accommodated by closing off or opening different areas. One option we especially recommend in this venue is an intimate dinner event in the old part of the house with its classic decor… or else guests may choose to push the boat out and organise a gala dinner event, with masks, contemporary dance, and gin, rum, and whisky tasting outside. Another idea we´re particularly fond of is an Arabian themed event in the venue´s vast gardens – we could set up pergolas and tables and lay down cushions and carpets; prepare a spread and a tea ceremony, and Mediterranean music to close the night with a distinct Moorish flavour.

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