This palace is located in Seville´s Jewish Quarter. Like other Sevillian palatial homes, it is organised around three distinct spaces: an initial courtyard which operates as a reception area, a central courtyard around which the main rooms and halls of the house can be accessed, and finally the garden area. This venue also boasts a gallery on the first floor of the central courtyard from which more interior rooms can be reached.

Built during the first quarter of the 16th Century, this was among the first Sevillian palatial homes to incorporate renaissance architectural elements in its design.

In this house we like to organise events with strong cultural themes. For example this venue is perfect for exhibitions of paintings or sculpture. That said, it is also an ideal venue for business meetings, seminars, conferences and so on. Inside guests will find plenty of functional spaces, as well as enough room to round the day off with a good Spanish wine or cocktail event.

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